Christmas in Hawaii 2014: Day 1

Talk about spontaneous trip to Hawaii for Christmas. Mom texted me Monday night about a trip to Hawaii two days later, and of course I was like, "huh? lol .... oh wait, you're serious.... seriously?.... uh yeah!!" So here I am in Hawaii spending Christmas in 80 degrees weather!

Woke up at 8am to this view out of my balcony, and it was one of the most peaceful feelings ever. The ocean sound and breeze was the best way to start the day. 

Talking about balcony, the hotel my family and I are staying at has one of the best customer services I have ever experienced. The employees are extremely nice and even gave us a Christmas gift along with a bunch of free water bottles and Hawaiian drinks!

Hello from mom and Brian!

First tourist-y destination was Diamond Head hike. The relatively easy trail took about 40 minutes to get to the top. I believe it was a volcano and former fort. Amazing thing about this place is it had a 360 degrees view of the ocean beneath it. For all of you who know me, hiking is def not mah thang. If I have to work out, I'd rather it be first of all, indoors, and second of all, all done in a shorter and more intense period instead of dragging it all out. But... this was definitely an exception that was so worth it!!


I mean, just look at that view... I had to climb through a "no-pass" gate just to get this nice pic for you all!!

Hehe my signature shot :)


After our morning workout, we headed to a few of the well known food spots in Hawaii, but since it was Christmas Day, all of them were closed. So we ended up at this random small fast food place, called Surf n Turf. Not bad!

After lunch, we were hit with massive food coma, so we headed back to the hotel. Brian decided to nap, and my parents and I decided to see what else was around our hotel. 


LOL Santa Claus the Hawaiian Version

I can't believe this place offers FREE ukulele lessons at 10am every day. Hawaiian people are so generous. (Except these ukuleles costed up to $1,000+)

I'm pretty sure my mom thinks she's just wearing a lei

Let's throw in another one since we're showing things my mom isn't aware of

You were bound to see one of these pics in here. ABC stores dominate Hawaii, I would even say maybe moreso than 7-11 does to Taiwan. These are everywhere!!

And to my surprise, I easily found Honolulu Cookie Co, per Lisa's suggestions! The cookies are shaped like little pineapples - so cute!! And, you can sample every type of cookie that they sell in the store. See if you can find my dad :)

My mom even got all into the Hawaiian style!

I'll leave you guys here for tonight. Merry Christmas everyone!!!