Christmas in Hawaii 2014: Day 2

Sorry I'm a little late again :)

Started off the day bright and early with some traditional Hawaiian LOCO MOCO an omelets. Our hotel was right next to a little restaurant called Eggs 'n Things. Lines are always out the door. Always.

If you're ever in the area and see this place, do NOT fall for the line. It really just tastes exactly as it looks. Just MEH. The loco moco was decent though. WE WERE TRICKED BY THE LINE. (Apparently, the line sources from this magazine in Japan that features the restaurant, so people who visit the area line up to try this place)

After a disappointing breakfast, my parents and I decided to hit up another popular spot in Waikiki - Leonard's Bakery. This place is famous for its Malasadas (hot donuts).

Again, there was another line.. Freshly made hot malasadas ready to go! Pretty good, but the line again? Come on!

Finally, to the good stuff. Our shuttle came to pick us up to Hanauma Bay for a day at the beach. This has to be by far the most beautiful beach that I have ever laid my eyes on.

I mean, the water was just SO BLUE. Nothing at all like the pool water we get here at Santa Monica.

The place was so beautiful that as a person with sand-phobia and sand+water combo-phobia, I ALMOST caved and went snorkeling myself. Our driver told us there were tons of fish and even a rare sighting of a turtle, and I was so close to diving in myself... but flaked last minute. At least my mom and Brian had a chance to dip in the water :)

Brian not only spotted a turtle, but he was able to capture some pretty amazing pics and videos of it. Apparently, it's a super rare sighting and he's extremely lucky to have been able to see one let alone capture it on camera!

After an eventful early part of the day, we rewarded ourselves with some handmade udon at Marukame Udon.

Basically, we line up and pick out an udon flavor that we want.

After, there are readily made side dishes that you can grab for yourself.

After we finished our late lunch, we walked around the area and found ourselves in jungle book.

Talk about these healthy drinks LOL