Christmas in Hawaii 2014: Day 3


Woke up BRIGHT and EARLY to get some famous poke at ONO Seafood! Yes, we ate sashimi for breakfast. In our defense, at any other time of the day, there's always a line and only 5 parking spots. No way were we gonna risk that.

The place is small, like any other place. But nothing fancy necessary for such a place like this.

This was definitely one of the best, if not the best, poke that I have ever had. The meat was extremely fresh, and there were no tendons throughout the entire bowl. But in all seriousness, this shit was amazing. I will forever have to compare the mediocre ahi that we have here to this amazing piece of work and just cry... aight, enough with the drama queen act, so here's some food porn for you to enjoy. To my future self (if I ever get a chance to go back there): order #7.

After lunch, we made a trip out to Pearl Harbor. Too bad all the main tours were sold out so we had to settle with touring one of the submarines from WWII. I'll spare you guys the less-interesting pictures of the ship and show you a pic of my parents standing in front of a US Navy missile instead :)

Finally, we get to the cream of the crop. WE TURN HAWAIIAN!!!!!! Off to the Polynesian Cultural Center where we get to live and eat like true Hawaiians. Instead of boring you guys with step by step explanations of what we did, I'll just spam you guys with pictures.

We helped Brian locate his birth parents.

We made fishes out of leaves. Hit me up if you wanna learn this.


They played this for like 20 minutes, but I am pretty certain they had no clue what they were doing.

Our long overdue family trip ends here. What a spontaneous and fun-packed trip with the family :) Couldn't think of anything better way to celebrate our Christmas together <3

- Aloha from the Tai Family!