Starting off 2015 with Mickey, Harry & Co.

Have you ever been determined to do well in a class, so you studied your ass off and made all the necessary preparations you needed to ace that class? And when finals came up, everything went as planned and you knocked that shit straight out of the park? Yeah well, that was basically how smooth our trip to Florida was. 5 theme parks in 3 days. SmoOoOoOoth as butter. The one piece of advice I'd give anyone who plans on making a trip to Orlando is: PLAN AHEAD. Also, don't go during school breaks, cause that's when all the little people are out - by then, you might as well bring a tent cause you're about to set up camp waiting for the rides. 

ANYWAYS, instead of my usual individual day-by-day posts, I've decided to combine my entire trip into one fat post. 

DAY 1: Arrival

We got in late afternoon on Thursday night and went straight to our wonderful hotel, which I just realized now that I forgot to take pics except for our damn fridge LOL. WHOOPS.

Leah made reservations at a Spanish tapas bar called Cafe Tu Tu Tango, and it was really, really good! Tried alligator for the first time - tasted just like chicken, so I would say it's pretty delicious.

DAY 2: Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom was AMAZING. It's basically the Disneyland of California, but there are a few pretty cool differences, like Magic Bands and even a restaurant called Be My Guest which simulates dining in the Beast's castle. 


These Magic Bands are awesome. I dressed mine up with a little Mickey body :3

We ran into the most realistic Gaston. He even had the exact smirk the cartoon had. And muscles. We even found Rapunzel's castle, but she was being an entitled bitch and wouldn't come down to say hi.


Obviously it wouldn't be a trip to Disney without the famous turkey legs. Jenny introduced us to those pickles that Disney has. That stuff is like crack. Eat them with your turkey legs and take your taste buds on a joy ride.

Do we have these real live princesses in Disneyland in California? Cause I don't remember seeing them, but they're basically celebrities here in Disney World. Below you'll see we had a private meeting with Belle. She aight.

Got the famous dole whip as well. 

We managed to slip through the cracks, and Vencci got us a reservation at Be Our Guest while we were in the park, so we skipped the 2 hr wait. Sneaky ninja.

Even the napkins were shaped like roses.

If you're a Beauty and the Beast fan, you might recognize the Be our Guest lyrics line that goes like: "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious! Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!" Well... can you believe they serve the grey stuff here?? AND, it was actually damn good. 

We even met Mr. Beast himself.

Next off, SPEEEDWAYYYYY. Basically auto-topia on a different track. These smiles are fake, cause no one could drive for shit LOL.

For dinner, we ate at Sci-Fi drive in, where all the tables are cars that face a huge projector screen playing old movies. It's definitely a very unique dining experience. Food was shit though. But it's cool to have tried that.

Ended the night watching the fireworks at the castle :) POP POP POP

DAY 3: Universal Studios (Harry Potter World)

This whole day was dedicated to Harry Potter. Right when we got into the park, it was alllll about getting in line first for the Gringotts and Hogsmeade rides. Online sources mentioned how these 2 rides required 2-3 hours of waiting time, but since we went on a really good day, and none of us gave a shit about sitting next to each other, we breezed through the single rider lines in just about 15-20 minutes. Sadly, we weren't allowed to take our cameras onto those rides, but that's okay. Honestly, words cannot describe how it felt walking into Diagon Alley for the first time as we prepared to buy our school supplies for when we enroll into Hogwarts. Muggles beware, get ready for a bunch of pictures of what we wizards call home.

The famous fire-breathing dragon in the middle of Diagon Alley's walkway.

Quidditch Store


Borgin and Burkes Store

Three Broomsticks - breakfast was decent but also nothing special. Finally tried butter beer! It's good but it could also give you a heart attack from the 10:1 sugar to liquid ratio - definitely order the hot version over the cold version.

Leaky Cauldron - Food wasn't half bad. We're fat as f.


Ollivander's Wand Shop - Leah's a death eater.


Gringott's Bank - Vencci changed her muggle currency to Gringott notes.

King's Cross 9 3/4

Hogsmeade / Hogwarts

Honeyduke's Candy Shop


Ministry of Magic Transportation Portals - How good is your memory regarding why there were multiple portals?

Miscellaneous - Seriously though, the amount of detail put into designing this place was unbelievable. 


Aight, enough pictures before I break the page. For the sake of space, I didn't include other parts of Universal in this page. Except here's one of some bananas.

Check out the Photography page for more pictures :) 

DAY 3: Epcot Center

To be honest, we were pretty dead by this day. Good thing we left this park for last, so it was super chill and lax. For those of you who don't know what Epcot has, it's basically a park shaped like the number 8. The top circle of the 8 is dedicated to more space/earth/technology explorations. The bottom circle walks you through different countries and cultures.

Mission: SPACE*WARNING* if you cannot handle motion sickness, do NOT go on this ride. It's basically an astronaut shuttle simulator that takes you to Mars. Usually I have no problem with rough rides, but this shit was on a whole other level. Basically yacked afterwards and couldn't do anything for the next hour until I KOed and snored my nausea away on a park bench.

Test Track - You're divided into groups, and each group creates a virtual concept vehicle that you ride and which is then put through a spin test. This ride was fucking awesome, one of the best ones on this trip.



China - which we forgot to go inside LOL





Morocco - LOL. Okay Abu.

France - featuring Belle

Canada - featuring a moose and raccoon

Back to America

And this concludes our fully fun packed trip to Florida. Best friends. 5 theme parks in 3 days. And 0 fights, which is surprisingly a huge fucking accomplishment LOL. I'm starting to think that maybe Elyse is the problem. Since she's always there when we do fight. Awesome Uber drivers all from Haiti. Shout out to Jane for hooking us up with her Disney employee perks, saving us at least 1.5k on this trip. Love everyone, and I can't wait for our next trip together <3

Crystal signing off! :)