October Family Photoshoot

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of doing a very casual and mini photoshoot for my family :) I've been extremely fortunate to have such supportive family and friends in my photography hobby, and in return, I love assisting in any way in that department.

So, in this photoshoot, we took a bunch of random shots for different reasons - from Christmas card photos, to family shots, to 2nd anniversary and to maternity shots. Since Walnut is pretty much a desert, the closest place to "pretty nature" that we have is the Schabarum Regional Park. And big shout out to my partners, Leah and Jane for accompanying me and helping with all the ideas while scorching under the sun LOL <3


I may be biased, but this little boy has got to be one of the cutest babies I know :) He has the fattest cheeks that make me finally understand why aunts and grandmas are always known for pinching cheeks.


*pinch pinch*

Since his cheeks are so chubs, it pulls down his entire face, so his resting facial expression usually ends up looking more serious. 

But that makes his smiles all the more adorable :)

The Lee's

A beautiful family with Jennifer and Richard, who also have THE MOST adorable children, Payton and Max. SUCH CUTIES!!

Their laughs and smiles are so adorable!!

This mom and daughter shot is filled with so much happiness :) And those poses!!


Jackie & Allen

Another beautiful, beautiful couple and their Instagram famous puppy, Charley. Jackie and Allen are expecting a NEW BABY BOY next January!!!! So excited to meet my nephew, Ace Chuang!!

Jackie and Allen were my first "photoshoot" back when I had my first camera (I can't believe they trusted me back then lmao), so they've really helped me grow and practice my photography. Their support and encouragement really gave me the confidence to even continue doing the occasional portrait photography.

The photo below was from back in January in our first photoshoot when they brought home baby Charley. I'm so embarrassed to even post this due to the poor lighting/coloring in this picture, but this blog is meant to trace my growth and progress, so at least I know now :)

NONETHELESS, after 6 months of practice, we're back at it with another photoshoot for their new baby :)

Charley is patiently awaiting the arrival of her new baby brother :)