Taiwan 2015 Series | Part 3

Raohe Street Market is apparently ranked one of Taiwan's top night markets to visit, if not ranked the #1 night market. This market is literally 100% food, and there's tons of food options. PERSONALLY.... I still think Shilin is the #1 night market by leagues. Raohe is filled with tourists, and it's a tighter fit, so just imagine being squished everywhere you go. Nonetheless, it still has some foods that other night markets don't serve, so if you have the time, it's worth checking out. If you only have the option/time to go to one night market, go to Shilin.

Huge mochi balls covered in peanut and sesame.

Fried taro balls here are amazing. The orange little balls are egg yolks, and they're just the chewiest fried sweet taros. YUM!!!

Meanwhile some shots in Shilin...