Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year, everybody!! It's officially the Year of the Sheep, so for those of you who are sheep and believe in the superstitions, make sure to go visit the temple or get some red underwear!

Sandy and I were so lucky to be invited to the Lui Family's Chinese New Year celebration this year :) Dinner was amazing - I can't even remember the last time I had home cooked meal..

Seriously though, I was such a fatass. I came right after my own dinner at my apartment just to find another table filled with food. AND... AND.... AND... the Lui's have this tradition where they hide cashews in random dumplings. Every time you eat a dumpling with a cashew, you get to pick a random red pocket out of a bowl, which could end up getting you $1 to $20!!!! 

So despite having finished my own dinner already, I was determined to find a cashew. Little did I know that Leah and my plate consisted of dumplings WITHOUT nuts LOL. FML. FML. FML. Fat and poor T_T. Meanwhile, Chris dominated in the dumpling challege LOL.

There were so many other dishes that didn't get enough attention because of the dumplings too!!

But thankfully, Leah pointed out another dumpling that had a cashew in it n_n HEHEH I WON ME $5!!!!! And then Mama and Papa Lui even gave Sandy and me another red pocket <3 <3 I felt like a young kid all over again <3 THANK YOU!!

Then came the official ceremony for Leah and Chris :)

Leah was so touched..

Was honored to be Crystal Lui with this lovely family for the night :)

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!!!