Faith & Flower

It's been a long overdue brunch for the FIFA-ian's still living in LA. We hadn't seen each other for a long 2 weeks. LOL. #codependent .. Nevermind -  I shouldn't joke about that, cause that's a real problem out there. Anyway, after my orientation at the animal shelter (side note: yes - I signed up to be a volunteer at an animal shelter cause I want to give back to the world in some way... though I'm sure the only contribution I would make is scrubbing animal poo off cages).. I picked up Leah to head over to Faith & Flower to meet Vencci.

To be honest, I still don't know what type of food this place serves LOL. But it was pretty good. I don't know how to describe the interior design of the place. It seemed like part Victorian but also part modern art.. All I remember were the green goblets we got to drink out of.

The waiter recommended a type of sangria, and the best part was that it came with 1 single huge block of ice. As for the drink, it was kind of lemon-y and had whiskey as well. I forgot what else it had, and I forgot the name of the drink. LOL but here's a picture you can point to if you ever visit the restaurant and want to try the drink.

Vencci had ordered this waffle with pears, topped with cream. Waffle was good. It tasted like waffle. Didn't have the cream for obvious reasons. Could have done without the pears.

For anyone who enjoys deviled eggs, have you ever had Deviled Jidori Eggs?? What are they?? They're basically deviled eggs topped with kimchi and sprinkled with black sesame. They're pretty unique and really delicious. Would definitely eat again.

Next on the menu were these fancy named tempura fish. They were basically fish n chips topped with arugula. One of my favorite dishes here.

Next, we ate larvae. JK, but tell me this shit doesn't look like larvae? It's just pasta.. very good pasta.

Next, was grilled trout with mixed veggies. Pretty sure this shit was salmon. Looked like salmon and tasted like salmon. Idk, tell me if I'm trippin out. 

And lastly, pizza. Pretty self explanatory, nothing special - just pizza.

For dessert, we had flan and ice cream and flower leaves and all these other toppings that I would never learn to appreciate. 

Both attendees were camera shy :) What's up with both of your arms?