Hot Pot with Dancing Noodles

It's been a cold weekend here in LA with all the rain coming in. What was originally supposed to be a trip out to Pine & Crane for some Taiwanese food, turned into a trip to Arcadia for some hot pot at Hai Di Lao. 

Now, according to Ling's experience at this restaurant in China, this hot pot spot is known for doing anything for its customers. While waiting for her table, she had the option of getting a mani/pedi at the restaurant. WTF? Obviously the one in the U.S. is incomparable to that type of service, since no one's that nice here haha. 

DIY sauce bar. This is seriously a necessity for any good hot pot restaurant. This bar even had side dishes, like pickled cabbage, tomatoes, chili seaweed, etc.

You place your order on an iPad.

We each get our own little hot pot bowl. There's a few selections of broths to pick from, but I went with the Szechuan flavor cause I love me some spicy *0* . It tasted more like Mala flavored cause my mouth was so numb by the end of dinner.

Typical veggies. Could have done without the sandwich lettuce and baby carrots though LOL.

Look at that marbling on that beef.

Oink oink

Meat ballzzzzzz. Cuttlefish, shrimp, squid and beef (left to right).

And tofu bowl.


I'm telling you, that broth had to be Mala. I mean look at Jane go :0

And now for the best part.... the dancing noodle! They have some guy come out with noodle dough and form it into noodles in front of you with his noodle dancing performance. AND.. the noodles were BOMBB!!