Weekend in Carlsbad

It was a sunny weekend in Los Angeles... said my phone weather app. I wouldn't know because I was in Carlsbad!! So first things first, apparently Carlsbad does not equal San Diego. And I was all stupid and told everyone at work I was spending the weekend in San Diego. But whatever - more importantly, the weekend getaway was an awesome few days to not only get unplugged but also celebrate Vincent's 26th birthday!!

9am - Leave LA for Carlsbad

Jane, Monica and I get an early head start to Carlsbad since we wanted to avoid traffic. Since we were so early, we decided to stop for some sit down breakfast. Lesson of the day: NEVER stop for a sit down breakfast. Since traffic looked green the whole way, we decided to take our sweet ass time. When we got back on the road, a 1 hr drive turned into a 2 hr drive LOL ;_; On a brighter note, we had some pretty decent Hawaiian breakfast in a jenky bowling alley LOL. #thanksyelp

12pm - Arrival

We finally arrive at the house and meet the boys: Vincent, Hil, Albert and Alwood. They helped us buy some of the well known poke in the area. Always gotta get that poke! But seriously, we literally drove, ate, drove, and ate.

1pm - The Flower Fields

Finally! We get to visit the famous Flower Fields! If you've ever dreamed of waltzing through a field of beautiful flowers, this is the place to go. 

This place was just perfect for some model shots.

Overall, it was such a blast visiting this place. The colorful flowers really make a beautiful background for pictures. I don't want to bombard this entire post with pictures of people standing in front of flowers. If you're interested in more of that stuff, you can click here.

4pm - Beach Football

First time taking my camera on the beach = child going to Disneyland for the first time. It's just a beach, so I won't delve much into it. 


6pm - Back Home to BBQ

Back at the house, we start preparing for the night. Alwood made this amazing cocktail with bourbon?

Happy birthday, Vincent!! :)

? pm/am - dskl;falksfjal;??

I totally forgot to mention that the house we stayed had got to be THE craziest place I've slept in. The guy who owned the house had every weapon on earth that you can think of. He had a safe that could fit probably 3 people inside. Ton of hats. Ton of machetes. Ton of swords. Ton of arrows for his cross bow and bow. He would be one to survive a zombie apocalypse. What a survivalist LOL.  WTF?! Now take a house filled with all this good stuff and combine that with a house filled with drunk ass bitches.

Anyway, we ended the night all safe and fortunately, no one was hurt. :)

Next Morning - Goodbye

What a relaxing and unplugged weekend. This was much needed and thoroughly enjoyed! I hope the owners of the house never find these pictures :X