Happy Belated Birthday, Vencci!

So this is actually a really late post since Vencci's birthday was actually March 14, but better late than never, right? :)

Anywho, Jenny landed early Saturday afternoon, and we dropped by Sugarfish for a quick bite. Amazing, as usual. I wish I could eat this every. day. 


After lunch, Jenny and Leah start preparing Totoro cream puffs that we wanted to bring to Vencci's birthday dinner. I was supposed to be studying, but I ended up half-assing it / taking pictures instead. Straight up from day till night - these cream puffs took a lot of love and effort.


The batter looked disgusting/disfigured, and it just looked impossible that they would come out as puffed pastries..


30 minutes later, straight up just as flat as they were when they were first put into the oven... Looked like a five year old made her first fucking attempt at baking deformed Totoro pancakes. -_-

Determined, we still made the best of it LOL. Also we were late too, so that helped. Look at Picasso do her magic.



With time ticking and nothing else we could do to inflate the Totoro pancakes, we settled with what we had. Fortunately, we had these edible small fruit tart cups - scooped some custard into the cups and topped each with a Totoro pancake. #improvisingWIN. You guys think we could sign up for Master's Chef? LOOOOOL #BLUETEAM

I'm just glad Vencci ended up with 2 other cakes at her dinner; otherwise it would've just been a shit show with our Totoro pancake-topped-custard-cups.

Happy Birthday, Vencci!!