Happy Birthday, Cara!

This past weekend, another one of us turned a new chapter to 24 years old. Except this one in particular acts as if she's 45 already, so really, it was just more of a gathering that involved candles. Happy birthday, Cara! :)

Jenny, Ling, Jane and I started off the day with some good ol' Bossam  and seafood pancake. Let me tell you guys, if you're ever craving some delicious pork belly that just melts in your mouth, stop by Kobawoo in Ktown. They got the best Bossam and amazing customer service. Just the pork mixed with the radish and kimchi and jalapenos and errthang combined.. it's like a party in your mouth. [*end obligatory Yelp review*]

After lunch, Leah, Jenny and I head on over to San Diego to meet up with everyone for Cara's birthday dinner. So much traffic. So much. traffic. When we arrived at SD, Jenny introduced us to a famous taco place, Oscars, which is a hole in the wall that sells seafood tacos. These tacos are all made fresh after you order. We ordered the surf n' turf and steak tacos. These were bomb[.]com - ESPECIALLY the beef. 


After hours and hours of delay, we finally meet up with Cara and the crew.... just right in time for dinner. As you probably have figured by now, the day was pretty much dedicated to eating.

We head over to Ironside in Downtown San Diego for some oysters and other seafood. LOOK HOW HAPPY CARA IS TO SEE US :) 

Cute couple picture #1

Cute couple picture #2

Cute couple of people picture #3

The food was actually pretty amazing. The interior of the restaurant was designed to look like the inside of a ship. Obviously I'd forget to take pictures :) We ordered 2 dozen oysters (fresh AF btw), 2 large uni's, lobster rolls, CHOWDER fries, salmon and fish and chips. Again, obviously I'd forget to take pictures ... But here's one of the uni's :)

A few more pictures of Cara before she got DRAAAAAAAAANKKKK

Love you, Cara! Hope you had a fun birthday :)