How to Korean BBQ at the Park

Have you guys ever craved Korean BBQ so much but didn't want to drive, so you tried to recreate it at home? The first time I tried doing that was with one of those Lean Fat Grilling Machine George Foreman grills. "Ghetto" pretty much sums up how that went. Since then, I've upgraded to one of those electric grills. It's actually meant to be used outdoors, but what the heck - why not? The meat tasted amazing, and I probably enjoyed it more than eating at an actual KBBQ restaurant. Unfortunately, as much as the satisfied thoughts lingered after my homemade KBBQ, so did the smell... for a good 2 weeks. 

After a few trial & errors, we have discovered how to enjoy the ultimate homemade KBBQ without its lingering stench and all the trash. DO IT AT A PARK! No stench, and trashcans placed conveniently everywhere!

Anyway, on to the food. Leah, Jenny, Victoria, Ling, Jane and I nabbed a table at Veteran Park in Westwood. We started off by mixing some yoju in a huge bowl (1 soju bottle to 1 Calpico bottle). Basically azn jungle juice.

You guys have probably had this in KBBQ - green onion salad.

As for the sauces, we didn't have any disposable sauce containers, so Jane and Leah cut off the bottoms of a few styrofoam cups and filled them with Sesame oil and Leah's homemade Ssamjang.


The ingredients below are what we believe to be the essential necessities of a successful KBBQ (at least with pork belly). Shout out to Leah for basically buying all the groceries and making the spinach and green onion salad :) And shout out to Jane for prepping all the veggies!

Thanks, Ling - for manning the grill the entire meal!

Victoria enjoying the pork belly aroma and basking in the sun's warmth.

*sizzle sizzle*

Jane had a bite and was overwhelmed with emotions.

How to make a pork belly taco with perilla leaves:

Own personal Benihana's onion tower (minus the smoke effects).

Finished off with Leah's mom's amazing marinated galbi. TENDER and JUICY AF.

5 lbs of pork belly later...