Gone Fishing for Sweetfins!

New restaurants are always popping up in LA, but when Ling told me that a new poke poke shop would be opening a few blocks from my place... :) Poke is definitely one of the more delicious, yet healthy, food selections here. 

Anyway, the new restaurant is called Sweetfin Poke, and it's located on Broadway and Lincoln. The place has a very modern and minimalist vibe to it. You can either select small or large sizes of their special bowls or build your own bowl (BYOB). We ordered the small bowls with kale salad and were surprisingly pretty full after we finished eating.

Complimentary citrus water. Saw it after I paid $7 for water bottles :) ... :) :) ............. :'(

$7 water (but this is one of my favorite water brands, so all is forgiven)

This is the salmon poke with Siracha Ponzu on a bed of citrus kale salad (with additional add-ons, like edamame and seaweed salad).

So fresh and so good :) You can also order the poke on bamboo rice too, and there there are other fish selections like tuna and albacore. But even as a salad, this was still pretty filling. Go try it everyone!