New Sauce In Town: Lahtt Sauce

This past Sunday, I had the honorable pleasure of helping photoshoot Maxine's new hot sauce: Lahtt Sauce. It's going to be the new famous Asian gourmet hot sauce - and it's actually hot!! For those of you who don't know, "Lahtt" means "hot" in Cantonese, so you can guess that it's a spicy Asian sauce.

It's going to rival sauces like XO Sauce and Lao Gan Ma!! (In my opinion, it's better than them) 

Additionally, Lahtt sauce is an oil based blend of 17 all-natural top-tier ingredients made in small batches and with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Can you just imagine going to dim sum restaurants and being served the Lahtt Sauce to eat with your Shu Mai's? The pork and the kick from the sauce just go so hand-in-hand. 


If you're going to be in Alhambra on July 26, 2015, try and head out to the Alhambra Farmer's Market! Maxine will be handing out free samples of the Lahtt Sauce!

Shirts are also available for purchase :)

Online orders start June 1, 2015, where you can PRE-ORDER at a discounted price! Pre-orders for Lahtt Sauce will be shipped to your doorstep by July 31, 2015!


To New School Kitchen for allowing us to use their hip new space for our photo shoot and providing us with props to use. Check out their place if you want to get your dim sum fix but don't want to leave the West side for it. For more information on their restaurant, you can check out their Yelp page here: