Memorial Day Weekend at Quality Seafood

Sorry guys it's been some time since I've written anything here. Work has taken a turn for the worse again, so I have some pretty backed up posts :(

Memorial Day Weekend meant 3 day weekend, so of course my home friends and I would make an effort to meet up again. BTW, I've noticed when we do meet up, it's always revolved around food... so... I'm gonna go MIA every time you guys come back to LA now. LOL. But that FOMO :'(

We've been wanting to try out Quality Seafood at Redondo Beach. It's basically a seafood market that you can buy fresh seafood to eat on-site. Considering it was our first time, I have to admit we were pretty fucking prepared for this shit. Cara grabbed a table, Leah ordered the uni, I went and ordered the mussels and clams, Jenny ordered the oysters, and Vencci ordered the crabs and everything else on the table. 

I've never been a huge fan of uni - it's just too buttery / potent for my taste. But it definitely deserves its own picture shout out because these were opened right before our eyes. Shit was still moving when we were scooping out the meat.

There was this fried fish that you definitely have to order if you ever go to Quality Seafood. It was one of my favorites of all the food we ate.

And obviously since Leah and Cara were there, we def had to grab a pitcher :)

Overall, it was a fun and new experience. And awesome company as usual. No one even bothered looking at the camera lmao. Too busy eating 

We decided we'd take a group picture together every year starting with this picture. <3