Pine & Crane Taiwanese Food in LA

Pine & Crane has been one of the restaurants that I've been wanting to try out for quite some time. It's rare to see an Americanized restaurant that serves Taiwanese food have 4.5 stars with 600+ reviews on Yelp.

I wish I took pictures of the interior, but since I forgot ( :D ), I'll just try to put it into words. If you were to go inside not knowing the restaurant, Asian food would be the last thing you would think the place served. For starters, it's clean as fuck. Secondly, SO MANY 白人. So many 白人 customers. So many 白人 servers. LOL. So it was a pleasant surprise to see so many asian moms cooking in the back. Right when you enter, you line up and place your order. Then you sit down at one of the tables with your number, and the food is brought to you. Basically Azn Fast Food.

Jane and I pretty much ordered all their carb-y foods lmao.  

The minced pork over rice is like my #1 go-to food whenever I go to Taiwan, so I obviously had to give it a shot here. It's pretty good - though definitely not the same as Taiwan's. I would say if you're not a fan of the Star Anise spice flavor, you wouldn't really enjoy it because it's pretty strong.

We also ordered the Dan Dan Noodles, which is basically a peanut-y sauce dry noodle. It was really good too, a little on the sweeter side. Noodles perfectly made. Definitely needed to be spicier (I don't think it was made spicy at all). But that's probably because this place is so Americanized and really tries to cater to that.

Lastly, we ordered the Zha Jiang Noodles. I would say this is probably the most well-seasoned dish of the 3. It's definitely the Chinese version and doesn't taste like the Korean version. Noodles also perfectly made.


... though I wish it weren't located in the ghetto :X