Taiwan 2015 Series | Part 1

Back in Taiwan again!! :) But only for 10 days this time, so this will be a short trip unfortunately :( Gonna try to document as much as I can and not in any particular order (well, mostly just food cause ya'll know i'm PHAT). Today's post is going to be completely random though :X

First meal is always the same when I come back, which is breakfast at the same place I've gone to for the past 24 years of my life. Total Cost = $6 USD.

One of the most random things that I love about Taiwan, is the fact that little bentos are sold anywhere and everywhere. I haven't had the opportunity to eat one of these in years, so I'm going to make sure that I get to eat it at least once on this trip. I couldn't order one today because I already had dinner plans :'( Total cost = $2 USD.

I've been pretty into Starbucks since college after living with Monica and Jane, so I've always kept up with what's generally sold food-wise at the stores. Most of the things are either meh, too pricey or too unhealthy. So when I saw Starbucks here, I wanted to check out the food that they sold. American Starbucks needs to step up its food game!!! Taiwan 1, US 0.

Lastly, my mom and I were in the train station underground and passed by a bunch of food on-the-go. It's pretty popular there because it's right outside the train entrance (different from the MRT), so people just buy the food before they hop on the train (which you can eat on). FOOD-ON-TH-GO IN BOBA CUPS??

Like I said, this post was totally random, but hopefully my next few ones will be more articulate LOL :)