Labor Day Weekend at Sequoia National Park

This past labor day weekend has got to be one of the best that I've had. With months of planning ahead of time, and with a group of awesome people, the trip went as smooooth as buttuh. 

The video below basically summarizes how the weekend went. And yes, that was the song of the weekend LOL.

First off the house was amazing. Despite the house being freaking huge, it was on acres of private land, with a river running through the property and private beach access to swimming holes. Priorities were focused on stashing the food though LOL.

Next morning, we walked along the big trees - seriously breathtaking how small we humans really are.

But we also didn't forget to appreciate the tiny pieces of nature :)

Saw the General Sherman, which is supposed to be the largest single stem tree in the world (by volume), but honestly, shit was pretty underwhelming lmao. I would not have been able to distinguish it from other big trees.

However... Moro Rock definitely did not disappoint. After what seemed like a thousand steps, we got to the top for a breathtaking view (both figuratively and literally lmao). Got some pretty cool shots in.

The walk back after Moro Rock was just as beautiful.


And then.... BEAR!!!!!!


In the middle of all the drinking, we managed to sober up enough to manage some night sky shots.

And on the day that we left, we took a trip down to the owner's private swimming hole. Pretty damn cool.