How to Make Wine-apple

For those of you who are / have friends who are wine addicts, this would be a perfect DIY project. It's super simple and super quick. A perfect combination of wine, paired with hazelnut chocolate balls, ready to be picked whenever you are: Wine-apple. LMAOOOOOO I'm sitting here laughing at how stupid this sounds hahahahahahaahahahahhahaahahah. But for reals. Boyfriends - you pissed off your girlfriends? Get them some wine-apple. You forgot your anniversary? Get them some wine-apple. It's that time of month again? Get them some fucking wine-apple now!!!

In this case, we made this for Cara because we were headed down to SD to visit her anyway and knew she'd appreciate this. Please don't judge us on the wine that we (or mainly me) selected... I don't drink wine :( :( :( Also, I did not come up with this idea, so I can't take credit for originality haha. Anywhooo, I'm documenting the 5 simple steps to make THE PERFECT wine-apple for your loved ones.

1. Get a wine bottle, lots of Ferrero Rocher, some fake leaves and a hot glue gun.

Don't be stupid and buy the chocolate at a grocery store unless you're ready to spend a fortune. Get that shit from Amazon. GET EVERYTHING FROM AMAZON IF YOU AREN'T ALREADY!!

2. Glue the Ferrero Rocher's onto the bottle.

You will burn yourself. There's no avoiding this, so just brace yourself. 


The boxes will explode if not opened with care. Please - this is a project for your loved ones, be gentle.

4. Make the leaves.

If you managed to ninja yourself out of getting burned in Step 2, you will not be able to avoid that here. Basically you're gonna fashion yourself a make-shift mini hula skirt :)


Here's your chance to really make your wine-apple shine. Slap on a bow. Trim the leaves LOL. I'd really like to give some special attention that perfectly shaped bow and those perfectly cut ribbon tips ===> My contribution to this whole project.

Anyway, I hope you were able to find this useful. It's super simple and fun to make, and I'm sure you'll be able to get away with anything after you gift this :)