Wheelin' Through San Diego

A couple weekends ago, Leah, Jane and I made a trip out to San Diego to visit Cara! The title is a bit of a misnomer, since the more accurate description is "Eatin' through San Diego". But I'd like to highlight the fact that we managed to fit in a bit of cardio on a weekend vacation...

Little Italy Farmer's Market

This farmer's market was definitely a fun first spot right after we arrived in San Diego. The market is located on a street and stretches out for a few blocks. There's a TON of great spots to eat and drink here. I wish I took more pictures of the food we actually ate, but I managed to take shots of many other stands.


This sauce was BITCHIN'!! Definitely try the HEAT version. It's sooo good. You can find these at Whole Foods!

Harbor Cycling

The weather was so spot on for a day out to cycle around and enjoy the scenery. After walking around for a bit, we noticed a rental bike shop, considered it and decided fuck it why not. We needed some cardio workout after all the eating in the morning, so we decided to ride along the harbor (aka like 3 blocks LOL). Best spontaneous decision ever!

~ snack break ~

Loreal photoshoot!

Puesto Tacos

To reward ourselves for all the hard work, we decided to eat, yet again. This time we stopped at Puesto Tacos to pick up some gourmet Mexican food. 

For tacos, we ordered the Filet Mignon and Chicken Verde. They were all amazing, so definitely check them out. We also ordered a side of pomegranate guacamole ... SO GOOD. Who would have ever thought of that combination? 

Sushi Ota

After tacos, we took a break from eating at Cara's apartment. We KO'ed SO HARD. We needed to rest to make sure we had enough energy to eat dinner. LOL. I'm realizing just how much we ate in a matter of a few hours as I'm writing this post. It's making me cringe in discomfort how much food we were able to shove down our mouths...

Julian Pie

The more I write, the more sick I feel for us. How did we fit in this much food?? After sushi, we stopped to pick up some Julian Pie for dessert and beer for the night. After much consideration, we decided to go with the Boysenberry Apple Crumb. Soo good.

THAT'S IT FOR THE NIGHT. NO MORE!! My stomach today feels sorry for our stomachs that day. 

Lucha Libre

The best way to send us off back home was to enjoy some early lunch tacos at Lucha Libre. The restaurant was themed to the movie, and there were some really cute subtle/not-so-subtle decors.