Intrude & Silent Disco

A few weeks ago, Leah Jane and I made a super last minute and spontaneous trip to DTLA to visit a public exhibit of inflatable bunnies. The event, "Intrude", was created by Australian artist Amanda Parer, which features huge rabbits constructed of sewn white nylon that have been inflated and internally lit. 

 PC: Tony Castle

PC: Tony Castle

In addition to the bunnies, a SILENT DISCO party was also taking place!!! Essentially, you get a pair of Bluetooth headphones, which feature 3 different channels. Each channel features music from 3 different live DJ's who are set up at the front of the stage. You can switch between the channels, and your headphones change colors depending on which channel you're on.

This was surprisingly really fun. Though it was equally hilarious for a bystander to see how stupid/awkward everyone with headphones looked - listening, dancing and half humming to the songs in their headphones. 

Definitely recommend trying this out!!